*_Modern day Ramayan_* 🏹

Door bell rings in a flat & a woman, alone in the house, opens the door

Beggar : Amma, please give me something

Woman : Here take

Beggar : Please come out & give

Woman : “Ok”

Beggar : Ha Ha Ha Ha I am Ravan,King of Lanka👺

Woman : Ha Ha Ha I am not Sita, I am the servant maid 💃

Beggar : Ha Ha, even better, I still regret carrying away Sita, Mandodari will b happy, v want a maid, I am going to kidnap u

Woman : Ha Ha Ha, only Ram will come searching for Sita, if I go missing, *_ALL_* people in the building will come searching for me

Ravan runs back 🏃

“Maid” in India, in high demand

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